Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Wish List

My husband asked me the other day if I had any summer goals (since I'm home for the summer, the beauty of working at a school!) and the only thing I said was that I wanted to get back into my beading. I think that was a lie. In the back of my mind I have several cooking and baking items that I would love to tackle. Here is my list. I don't know if I'll get to all of them but I'll cross them off as I attempt them, not necessarily master them. I'm also surprised at some of them, like lemonade and pico de gallo, that I've never made them!

  1. Homemade flour tortillas

  2. Macarons

  3. a Perfect sweet pie crust

  4. a lattice topped pie

  5. a Perfect pizza dough

  6. Bread (any kind)

  7. a Julia Child recipe

  8. a Bento lunch

  9. Ice cream cones or some other vessel

  10. Fudge

  11. Lemonade

  12. Coconut cream pie

  13. Homemade pop tarts

  14. Creampuffs

  15. Pico de gallo

  16. Homemade pasta

  17. French onion soup

  18. Root beer

  19. Pineapple (or other) upside down cake (good memories of my Mom making these)

  20. Jam (kind of- I didn't do the canning process)
  21. Cinnamon rolls (for my Cinnabon lover)

Do you have any requests? Please comment if you do. I am up for the challenge!


Liz Biondo said...

Oh that all sounds so delicious! you've inspired me to come up with a list of my own. Yum!

Rebecca Rodriguez said...

The only suggestion that I have is that you come to Tucson and make the cream puffs for your cousin.