Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fresh Mint Ice Cream

The fresh mint must have been calling to me at the grocery store. I wasn't looking for it, I've never seen it before (fresh), and I didn't have a recipe in mind but I grabbed it. I just knew that I would make ice cream. My favorite ice cream in the world is mint chocolate chip.

I turned to David Lebovitz and the Perfect Scoop. Of course he had a mint ice cream recipe! Woohooo!

I knew it would be good. Very good. I don't think I've ever tasted a fresh mint taste like this ever. I just churned the ice cream a few hours ago and I just couldn't wait for it to harden a bit more so I had a scoop. It was a little melty but so creamy. And you know that green color that grocery store ice cream has? Mine is only slightly green. It's actually more cream colored. It doesn't matter. I am just in love with the ice cream.

I need to find out if mint is available year-round. If it's just a seasonal thing I better get my fill NOW!

I used the recipe from my Perfect Scoop cookbook but I found the recipe online.

Click here for the stolen recipe for Fresh Mint Ice cream. I added a few handfuls of mini chocolate chips, my only variation from the recipe.

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