Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blackberry Sorbet

I wasn't even planning on making a sorbet tonight. I noticed that the blackberries that I got on sale a few days ago weren't going over very well with my son. He gets into fruit funks where one day he can't get enough of a certain fruit and then the next day he refuses it. It's hard to buy fruit sometimes because I'm not sure what he'll do. So I try and buy fruit that I know I will enjoy too. And really, which fruit is a bad one? I love them all. I especially love the fruit that you can make into sorbets! I think that's ANY fruit according to David Lebovitz.

So this is a simple recipe. I think I need to tackle one of his more unique, complicated ones. I like a good ice cream challenge!

The color of this sorbet is awesome! It was sweet and fruity, but a little bitter too. Just like a blackberry. This is a great way to use up frozen blackberries too! I had mostly fresh berries but I used 1/2 cup of frozen berries. Oh, and I only made half of a recipe. I need to do that more often with a lot of recipes. Extras are nice but not when I want to move on to the next recipe and then feel guilt that there is half a cake (or whatever) left.

I used my Perfect Scoop cookbook but I found the recipe online, of course.

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