Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's one of my favorite meals. Breakfast. Any breakfast is good. It's also an easy meal for the nights when it's just me and the little boy :)

I have a product rave- my first one! I guess I should have raved about my pancake pan a long time ago but just recently I bought a Pancake Pen and I love it! It's especially good to fill up the small pancake holes in this pan. I can't believe I lived without this pen for so long :)

I also tried out the pancake pan that my sister sent to my son from Japan. It makes a pancake in the shape of a pig! He loved it! It was also easy to make with my new pen. Woohoo!

Porky got a little toasty but I cut myself some slack since it was my first time using the pan.

These pancake balls will last us maybe the week. My son eats 4-5 at a time!

I've blogged about this pancake recipe before. I think I need to experiment with other recipe though.

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