Friday, June 18, 2010

Julia Child's Omelette

Right around the time that Julie & Julia came out in the movie theaters, PBS was showing old episodes of Julia Child's cooking show. I watched one in particular about making omelettes. I remember watching the brief explanation, pausing the TV, and getting to work. Voila! It worked! Well, the first time. I tried making a second one right after the first but it burned a bit. I think the pan was too hot.

Julie & Julia was pretty inspiring though! Julie cooked her way through Julia Child's french cookbook and I thought I should come up with a similar project. I didn't end up doing that but I have this little blog and that's enough for me. I think I might be overwhelming my FB friends with my food posts, so I think I might slow down on FB at least. I'll always update this blog even if it's just a silly, cute picture of a heart shaped PB&J for my son!

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