Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CSA Farm Share Box #1

The farm sent an email that the first boxes would be light. The rain really did a number on their harvests- I guess some of the lettuces were beaten to the ground. It's still pretty early for most vegetables but I'm glad to start slow so I can get a feel for what I know and don't know. I did refer back to their email to identify two of the vegetables in here.

Clockwise from top left: Swiss chard, leaf lettuce blends, pea shoots (I think), and baby radishes and green onions.

I'm assuming these are all salad items. I'm going to research what I can do with the swiss chard and the pea shoots (both new to me!) I'm also not a big fan of radish but I have to admit I haven't had them for years. My grown up self might like them now :)

We didn't have much of a dinner planned for tonight, and I had picked up a rotisserie chicken so I just shredded some chicken on our salads. I think the lettuces were noticably different from store-bought lettuce. I think they were the freshest we've ever tasted (picked this morning! delivered this early afternoon for a 4:00 pick-up!) and they were bright tasting and a little spicy, maybe.

We had the carrots and mushrooms. What a nice start! I think every other week is not often enough now :) But we'll see.

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