Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bricks Pub

We don't eat out too often, or at least not at very many places. We stick close to home or eat the usual places- Big Bowl, Five Spice, Chili's, anywhere child friendly I guess. We know the owner of Bricks Pub, formerly known as Cru, so we decided to try their new concept- American pub.

I've decided to include restaurant food in this blog if it's somewhere new or something unique. My hamburger was definitely unique! It was called a Market Burger, which was described like this: "Market Burger -open faced asiago garlic bread, house made bbq, grilled pineapple, bacon & fried egg." The egg intrigued me so I ordered it. I also wanted to see what their homemade bbq sauce tasted like- I know how easy it is to make bbq sauce thanks to Pioneer Woman's BBQ Meatballs. (Wow, just realized I haven't blogged about those. I will remedy that.)

Anyway, the verdict was that my hamburger was very good. I really liked making sure I had a little bit of everything on my fork and eating it that way. I had never had pineapple in a burger, or egg actually. It didn't taste strange though I was prepared for that. It was nice!

I was in love with the fries. I don't know why. They just hit the spot. You could choose between garlic herb or sea salt fries. I chose garlic herb. My son liked them too.

My husband ordered an Italian Sausage Pizza "from the Brick Oven". It was good too, for what it was. I would have ordered the Greek Pizza. Mmmmm feta cheese, something I don't eat often enough.

We split our meals so we could try a bit of both.

This place had a big selection of bottled and on tap beers. I don't even remember what beer I had, something the waitress suggested. Jim had a Goose Island special. After he ordered he realized it was a $12.99 beer! A little steep but it's Father's Day, so what the heck :) Actually, it ended up being a 22 ounce bottle, so a few glasses worth. He enjoyed it mucho.

I like the picture that I took because you can see my glass in the background that says, "Liquid Goodness". That was about right!

I think we'll end up going back (especially because it's owned by one of our daycare parents), but my husband is more anxious to try the new Tavern restaurant for lunch/dinner. We had brunch there a few weeks ago and it was really good.

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