Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes with...

ganache filling and Chocolate Swiss Meringue frosting. Yeah, that's a whole lot of chocolate! 22 ounces of bittersweet chocolate for 24 cupcakes!

I think this is one of the best chocolate cake recipes I've made. It's a deep chocolate flavor because of the added coffee and Dutch cocoa. Oh, and vinegar. I don't remember the reason for the vinegar but I've used it before in cake recipes.

And I actually like the frosting and I don't like overly sweet stiff frosting. The amount of butter is concerning but oh well :)

The ganache filling was interesting. A teaspoon of ganache is placed on top of the cake batter before you bake the cupcakes. It was supposed to sink to the middle and voila! ganache filling. Well, I'm happy with how mine turned out but the ganache is more on the bottom of the cupcake. It tastes the same so who cares?

They must have been good- Jim had TWO cupcakes.

The reason I made these was for my dear friend Sara's baby shower. She wasn't very specific about what kind of treat she would like for her shower, just "something chocolate". I think these will do!

Click here for the stolen recipe for Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes with ganache filling. This recipe comes from Cook's Illustrated originally. You just can't beat their recipes.

Each cupcake is worth EIGHT weight watcher points. I figured it out. Worth it!

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