Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nicollet Ave Pothole Ice Cream (copycat)

I had this ice cream once in Minneapolis. My sister mentioned it again and I was interested in trying to make my own version. I looked up Sebastian Joe's description of the ice cream and went from there.

Chocolate ice cream with fudge (ripple), truffles, crushed Heath bars, and sea salt. I turned to my trusty book, The Perfect Scoop, and of course found recipes for the fudge ripple, truffles, and ice cream. And they were SO EASY. I am mad at myself now for not making mix-ins earlier. I am even convinced that I could substitute my Almond candy for the Heath bars next time- it's basically a butter toffee with milk chocolate.

With so many mix-ins I didn't use all of the truffle mixture, so I rolled them up in small balls and then rolled them in pecan pieces. Jim was in favor of this :) They are safe in the freezer for future munching.

I kept sneaking spoons of ice cream, you know, to taste test. When it was finally hardened.... a glorious cone!

I was a little puzzled how to include the sea salt but my sister Ana suggested that it should just be sprinkled on top of the ice cream. When I was layering the ice cream in the freezer bowl, I did put rivers of fudge ripple, sprinkled truffles and Heath candy, and just a tiny bit of sea salt. When I made my cone I made sure to put a little more, figuring we can just add it to our taste.

This stuff is GOOD. It's sinful.

The recipes are all in the Perfect Scoop. This ice cream would convince you to buy the cookbook if you make your own ice cream!

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