Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Red Velvet Cake & Ice Cream

I had an opportunity to make a layer cake! I was so excited. I tend to make cupcakes and other desserts that are easily transported. A layer cake! So exciting.

This recipe made THREE layers but the third layer put this over the top. The dome of my cake stand wouldn't even fit over the third layer so I took it off, to my husband's delight. He was then able to have a small piece of the cake early :)

The cake was RED. Really a beautiful red. My husband really, really liked this cake. It was moist and delicious. He even mentioned that maybe I should make this again for Father's Day. I think he'll change his mind and ask for his favorite chocolate cake. We'll see :)

This cake was one of the easiest cakes I've ever made. It was simply mixing the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients, and then baking! The amount of red food color concerns me (a 1 ounce bottle) but I think it's normal for red velvet.

Click here for the stolen recipe for Red Velvet Cake.

I took this first picture as I was frosting the cake. I wanted to take a picture of the inside.

Frosted. Plain but just enough.

The third layer that didn't make it into the birthday cake. I also had a small piece before the birthday girl came over. I don't think I admitted that to her!

Birthday cake and ice creams. I didn't mean to show off and make TWO ice cream flavors but I really wanted the mint ice cream (see earlier post) and then I thought the chocolate ice cream would go well with the red velvet. So that is why there are two ice creams. No one complained! I've made the Chocolate Ice Cream before- it is the BEST chocolate ice cream I think I've ever had. My friend mentioned that it was creamy and rich, nothing like store-bought.

Happy Birthday, Friend!


Anonymous said...

Truly delcious cake and ice cream! I can't wait to make it myself. I'm thinking about doing it next week. YUMMY!! You are talented!

Anonymous said...

Ok. So I just made the cake and frosting. My new oven must be slightly uneven, as all three layers came out lop-sided. Hmm.. I did turn them half way through as the recipe directed, but they still came out uneven. I made up for it in frosting. Can't wait to have a bite tomorrow. Thanks for sharing the recipe.--Ann