Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pesto, Herbs, and Chicken Pot Pie

I loved the chance to use some of my fresh herbs. I made pesto with a new recipe. I think it turned out well. I may have been heavy with the garlic but I like it. The blogger said that the secret ingredient in this pesto is butter. Butter! Butter makes everything nice.

I didn't use it right away but froze it for Wednesday. I'm having some friends over for dinner and I'm making Pesto Chicken Salad sandwiches. Oh wow, I realized I've never blogged about those. I will right after this entry. Promise.

Click here for the stolen recipe for Pesto.

I also used some of my thyme in a Spring Chicken Pot Pie. Yum! I think it was the best one yet.

We've had this pot pie a few times now and we think it's just amazing. And good for you! Well, besides the processed crust. One of my summer goals is to make a perfect pie crust, especially for this recipe!

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