Saturday, April 17, 2010

Turkey Cookies

These cookies were my first experience with piping and flooding cookies with royal icing. I was so excited! I had a plan and a great cookbook for guidance, and I thought I could do it.

I did it! And then I made the big ooops of misjudging their doneness. I mean, when I transported them to my sister's house for Thanksgiving I put them on a pretty serving tray and then put Press N Seal wrap on top. Ugh! The wrap stuck to the cookies and ripped off all of that hard work. The hours of carefully piping the borders and then squeezing the thinned icing in the middles, spreading with a toothpick, and then adding the swirls of colors. I let them dry overnight but it wasn't enough. I know better now. I don't count this as a failure because of the silly mistake. They were fabulous cookies for about an hour :)

There is not a stolen recipe for these cookies. I used the sugar cookie and royal icing recipes from Cookie Craft.

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