Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I made this pizza in March. I received Pioneer Woman's book for Christmas and one of the recipes I knew I wanted to try was her pizza crust. We love to make a pizza around here but we always use the refrigerated, "fresh" (processed) crusts from the grocery store. I guess it is still better than Pizza Hut or somewhere.

The pizza crust was VERY easy to make with my electric mixer. I ended up freezing half of the dough for later use and made the other half the next day.

The first pizza- I made half with red sauce and half with pesto. The dough wasn't quite what I wanted. I thought it should have baked for longer but the toppings would burn.

So I decided that the next time I would prebake the crust for a few minutes and then add the toppings. Much better! I also brushed olive oil and salt on the crust before baking- it added a lot more flavor.

Click here for the stolen recipe.

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