Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cookie Monster cupcakes

I made these Cookie Monsters for my son's birthday. He didn't really have a favorite character so I just chose a theme that was easy and I had these cupcakes on my list of treats to make so it was a perfect opportunity to experiment.

I was not and am still not an expert with pastry tips and frostings but these were surprisingly easy with this tip:

The bottom tip has tiny little holes to make the "fur". It was simply squeeze and lift, over and over again.

And guess what Adia, you have a surprise coming to you in your mailbox soon so that you can make the same cupcakes and more!

I can't find the original link to the technique that I used but I did find TONS of pictures of other Cookie Monster cupcakes. You can make the fur frosting but you could also use blue sanding sugar to just color the cupcake tops. Well, check out the link.

I made the cupcakes as usual and after they were cooled I cut a slit in the side of each cupcake, to insert the mini cookie (in the mouth). I piped the fur frosting all around the cookie. I used white candy melts (flat discs, found at Michael's or any crafting store I think) for the eyes and used black icing (tube I bought at the grocery store) for the eye pupils.

I think they turned out very cute!
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Good luck Adia! I hope the package will arrive soon and you can bake away!

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