Saturday, April 17, 2010


Its very rare that a recipe doesn't turn out for me. I always find recipes on trusty blogs or cookbooks that I know and love. Well, this cake was inedible. Like I literally spit it out of my mouth!
I had all of these clementine oranges that were sitting around, about to be wasted because my son lost his enthusiasm for eating them. I did a search in my Google Reader for "clementines" and the wonderful Smitten Kitchen had this cake recipe. I was excited but then a little hestitant after I read that it was made with ground almonds- no flour. I do like flourless cakes but this was a lot of effort for an experiment- boiling the clementines for two hours? Not hard but I was then obligated to hang around and wait for them. Anyway, the texture was grainy and the taste was like mush. I have texture issues, I know, so maybe I was hasty in throwing out the entire cake. It also stuck to the bottom of my pretty cake pan, so I was beyond frustrated. Yeah, maybe I should have used the suggested springform pan but I don't have one at the moment. Whateva.
Anyway, failure is okay. It happens! Just not in this kitchen often :)

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