Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flower Power Sugar Cookies

I made roll-out sugar cookies on Sunday, freezing them until tonight. I whipped up some royal icing and colored it bright bright purple and blue. I knew I didn't want realistic looking flowers because my son was going to help me decorate them. He didn't really get into it but he did like dropping the "paint" and then I rushed to get it smoothed out with a toothpick, into every little corner. I think I would normally be more precise but I could barely keep up with my little man. I figured they are for his daycare teachers, so they will appreciate the effort!
Daycare teacher appreciation day is on Thursday and so they are encouraging the parents to bring in flowers for each of the teachers in our child's classroom. I figured the teachers would like a cookie flower. I know I would!

I have some work to do if I ever want to master this royal icing thing. I have this amazing book called Cookie Craft and it goes into so much decorative detail and creativity. I just need to spend the time.

Click here for the stolen roll-out sugar cookie recipe. This blogger did a comparison of sugar cookie recipes and actually made FIVE doughs. I used the first recipe, which she considered the best.

I used the royal icing recipe in my Cookie Craft book- basically two cups of powdered sugar, 4 teaspoons of meringue powder, 3 T warm water, 1 T lemon juice. Beat for five minutes until smooth and the consistency of toothpaste. The piping (border) is that proportion of ingredients, the "flooding" icing is thinner with more water.

You can read about the icing technique here. Cookie Craft goes into so many more beautiful details but the basics are on that blog.

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