Thursday, April 1, 2010

Juicy Strawberry Scones

This is technically my first post though I think I'll go back and post some other pictures/recipes from the past.

I'm going to start this separate blog just for food. I'm starting to become known as a foodie and I like the compliments but I feel like a fake. I love to follow a good recipe but I can't take the credit for it! I am a recipe thief, or a recipe ladrona! Most of what I make turns out really well and it's because of the great bloggers that I steal from- Good Things Catered, the Pioneer Woman, Annie's Eats, the Brown Eyed Baker, Cara's Cravings, Smitten Kitchen, the Way the Cookie Crumbles, and oooooh Bakerella! The other greats are listed in the side column of this blog.

Well, on to the scones! I tried these out today to see if they were worthy of an Easter brunch. I think they are :) I ate three of them! They were kinda small, so get off my back, okay? I had to make sure they were tasty.

Click here for the stolen recipe.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED the juicy strawberry scones. I think that I could have used more sugar on the top of them. Looking at your picture, I see that you used a little more than I did. Doing this would have made them a little tastier. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Yum-O!!--A.L.