Thursday, May 3, 2012

Southwestern Pizza

I didn't make the crust.  I could have.  I just didn't.  I was at Trader Joe's and having heard about their pizza crusts I decided to buy a few.  This one is the Garlic Herb crust.  Supposed to be low fat.  I guess it is, but it's still more calories/fat than I would eat for one meal.  I am dieting in case you don't know!

I had an itch to try something completely new.  Southwestern Pizza stuck out in my mind.  I found a recipe that looked easy enough and I had most of the ingredients already.

Jim said it was good!  And that we should make it again.  I added some shredded chicken for protein.

The funny looking green stuff is avocado cream.  Mmmmmmm.

So this pizza has... smashed black beans, tomatoes, red onions, chicken, corn, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, Mexican blend cheese, and spices.

I'm glad the avocado cream was there.  Without a traditional tomato sauce it would have been pretty dry otherwise!

Click here for the stolen recipe for Southwestern Pizza.

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