Monday, August 1, 2011

German Chocolate Layer Cake

My husband's family came over for a belated birthday celebration dinner on Sunday. I asked him to choose a cake for his day. I was happy that he asked for German Chocolate- I mean, I just don't get to bake with coconut often enough!

I didn't show Jim the cake but just put in the fridge. You can see that the cake looks GOOD.

4 thin layers of moist chocolate cake and loads of coconut pecan filling.

The chocolate cake was very light- not too chocolatey. It was made with a bit of espresso powder for a deep, not too sweet taste. The filling was made lots of egg yolks, sugar, and butter. It is gooey and delicious.

Even after our dinner guests we are left with half of the cake. What to do??? :)

The recipe is from one of my best cookbooks, Baking Illustrated, but I found the recipe online.

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