Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Danger Ahead!

My child is going to grow up thinking that his Mom can whip up cookies in just 15 minutes. I guess it's going to be true! This is a great recipe and I love that I can make just enough for the three of us to be satisfied, and not a whole tempting batch that sits on the counter or in the freezer for midnight (okay, 8:00, we're old here) munchies.

These One Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies for Two (errrrr, Three) were simple and delicious! I never know what to use for shortening but in this recipe I did use some Smart Balance spread and it worked well. Yay!

The recipe made 4 medium-large cookies. Here is my one cookie-

James tackled one cookie, happily. And we left these two for Dad. Actually James didn't count fast enough to see that there were two left. I didn't think James needed two cookies so I told Jim to get his share out of the kitchen fast :)

I'm going to try and start posting printable recipes for y'all. This is a great recipe to start doing this with and you'll enjoy it if you make it!


HaHa! I just labeled these healthy because I figure it's better than making a whole batch of 2-3 dozen!

And you should always just have chocolate chips laying around your house...

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