Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There wasn't anything wrong with my old set of pots and pans YET but we tend to replace them every few years because the nonstick coating starts to flake off. I remember I made a batch of Almond Crack candy once and I saw little bits of black nonstick whatever were floating in the candy mixture. I threw that mixture away, of course. The pan too. It seems very un-green to buy pots and pans every few years, soooooooooo when I saw this stainless steel set in the Sunday Macy's ad, I decided to just get them.

They are purty. 14 pieces. I will still keep a nonstick skillet for eggs and things, but I'm hoping this set will last awhile.

This saucepan is cool because it has spouts on the side and a built-in strainer in the lid! Fancy!

The bottom part is the 3 quart casserole but it has two inserts- one is a steamer and the other is a double boiler. Melting chocolate the right way instead of the microwave, not that there is anything wrong with the microwave, but I can't wait to melt chocolate :)

I also can't wait to follow a recipe and truly follow the instructions of "scraping the brown bits" from the bottom. My nonstick pans never created brown bits. This probably doesn't make sense to you? Oh well :)

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ANA said...

brown bits = fond = awesome!