Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's in your veggie drawer?

I'm posting this because I saw this topic on one of my new favorite blogs.

I have to admit that I just have too much in my vegetable drawers right now.

On the left I have my grocery store vegetables: bell pepper, lemons, cucumber, cabbage, ginger, carrot sticks, green onions.

On the right I have my famer's market and CSA farm share items: lemon cucumbers, a few different kinds of squash, swiss chard, kohlrabi, and way underneath I have some cucumbers that I'm making into pickles. I used two English cucumbers from my CSA box. I'll share that recipe in a few days when I've tasted them.

On the shelf above the drawers: sweet corn from the grocery store (MN grown), CSA broccoli, CSA lettuce blends, farmer's market sugar snap peas.

To use up some vegetables tonight we're having Dijon potato salad, oven fried chicken, and probably some grilled zucchini. I'm also going to chop up that kohlrabi and just try it raw like some of my FB friends suggested.

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