Monday, July 26, 2010

Vegetable Fried Rice

For my husband's birthday today he requested a few things- Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chocolate Intensity Cake (have I really not blogged about this one yet?? tomorrow...), and White Chocolate Ginger Ice cream (will blog about this one tomorrow). I decided that I would try to make a fried rice side dish and found a perfect recipe on a cooking blog. I liked that I used mostly fresh vegetables and didn't use a frozen mix. I could have, but I actually kind of like my vegetables tender crisp. The peas were frozen though. I love me some peas.

My in-laws came over for dinner so I wanted to make a dinner that was relatively low fuss while they were here. I hate to be fussing in the kitchen when there are guests. I chopped all of the vegetables ahead of time, made the steamed rice in the morning, and then made the entire dish early. I reheated the fried rice, which kind of felt like cheating, but it was worth it. The sweet and sour chicken was also made ahead of time because it does take an hour to slow bake.

So dinner was a success! Jim said he really, really liked the fried rice. It was some effort to assemble but I like having the option of making all of this at home instead of ordering take-out :) I know, take-out is easier but I'm sure my version was healthier!

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