Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dulce de Pumpkin Pie

I've been craving pumpkin pie. So I made one. I am sick but I managed to get out of bed/my funk for this one :) Pumpkin pies are really easy, especially if you used a prepared crust. I think this is "cheating" but it was okay for today.

So instead of using evaporated milk you use "dulce de leche" for this filling. The canned dulce de leche is found in the Mexican food aisle. It is basically just really thick caramel sauce. Yum.

The pie tasted a bit darker than the usual pumpkin pie, but it was very good. I think it will be even better tomorrow after we let it set completely. We ate it while it was warm.

Sir James did NOT like it. Stinker. Is he really my son if he doesn't like pumpkin pie??! JK!

Kiki, real whipped cream! :)

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