Monday, January 24, 2011

My Cookbooks

Hi CRMS Students,
I'm going to be reading an entry from my cooking blog. I keep this blog just for fun. I have a lot of friends and family members who like to look at the pictures of the food that I cook and bake. I started to bake after I took a Home Ec class in junior high- that's like your FACS class that you have or will have here at CRMS. Back then you had to cook from cookbooks, recipes that were from your family, or recipes that you created on your own! Now you can find almost anything online!

I've always been a cookbook girl. Actually, I've always been a book girl. I used to stay up really, really late at night without my Mom knowing (Hi Mom!) and hide under the covers with a flashlight and book. We didn't have many cookbooks laying around so my love of cooking was on hold for several years.

Books! They were everywhere when I was a kid. I went to the library a lot. Now my family has our own library in our house.

Here is my son's library. He has a great collection of Spanish books, picture books, and he still holds on to his baby board books. He loves to read. We read him books every night. I'm strict and will usually read "just two books" because otherwise he doesn't know limits. I love the time that I get to spend with him.

I wish I would have cleaned up the mess in my husband's office but here is our great big bookcase. Most of the books are mine but all the other stuff? His. He has Star Wars collectibles, little gadgets, and other interesting things on the shelves. But we love our books!

My husbands books are about computers, sports, and Star Wars.

The bottom two shelves are cookbooks. Whenever I have a birthday or it's Christmas I ask for books. The last few years it's been cookbooks. I make lots of things from the cookbooks. The books are well loved and well, they are sticky. They get pretty dirty when the flour, butter, and eggs are flying around the room!

One of my favorite things that I've made from my cookbooks are cupcakes. I made these owl cupcakes for my son's 3rd birthday party at daycare. At daycare they were having a "Forest Friends" theme for the week and so I made these cute owls.

They are just basic chocolate cupcakes with oreo cookies for the eyes, junior mints for the eyeballs, and a banana runt for the beak. Lots of chocolate frosting makes it look like they have feathers, sort of.

I found something that I love to do in books. What have you found in books that you love?
Thanks for looking at my blog!

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