Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sesame Chicken with broccoli and snow peas

I wasn't organized about this recipe. I should have read through it at least once really well and then I would have caught the details, like using only 3T of the soy sauce for the marinade. I put in the entire 5T and then had to add additional ingredients to balance it out. I hate when I make mistakes. I hate when I'm flustered/crabby because of low blood sugar. I was a maniac in the kitchen and my poor husband had to wait patiently for me to calm down.

Good thing this was good! If this had been a crappy meal, I would have lost it completely. It was pretty simliar to sweet and sour, and pretty good for being a "light" meal. Who needs battered chicken?

I couldn't find chili paste at the grocery store so I substituted a bit of ketchup with red pepper flakes (I looked it up online). It worked but I could have been heavier with the red pepper.

This recipe said it makes 5 servings. I think because I added the broccoli (whole head) I think it probably stretches out to a very healthy sized 5 servings. It also includes the rice. A serving is 9 weight watcher points. This scared me at first but I it was do-able for my day today. I even have 2 points left for a snack tonight! Mmmm. Skinny cow ice cream sandwich!

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