Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Torte

I was asked to bring a dessert to a friend's house, for a birthday celebration. I was told that she likes tortes. I actually considered just buying one from a fancy bakery in Anoka but I looked up some recipes and found this one. It didn't seem hard at all, and used very few ingredients. The blogger's picture looks absolutely HORRIBLE but the reviews were good.

So I made this...

It tastes a lot like the Chocolate Intensity Cake that Jim loves so much but with a sweet raspberry kick.

My friends really loved this cake. We are all dieting in some way so I watched them eat little bits at a time. A lot of little bits but who was counting?

Click here for the stolen recipe for Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Torte. Please look at my picture of this cake, don't look at hers. Hers is a hot mess.

This cake was made in a 8 inch springform pan. The cake was on the thin side, but a slice was still 8 Weight Watcher points. There were 8 servings. But really, you only needed half a slice. It's very rich and delicious.

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