Monday, May 27, 2013




It was my dear friend Jessica's birthday and I volunteered to make something for her birthday bash at work. I was told that Scotcheroos are one of her favorite treats. Challenge accepted! I didn't even have any idea what they were really. I knew there was a chocolate icing, that's it.

Where do you turn if you need a good recipe? Brown Eyed Baker! My favorite blogger. Of course she had a recipe and it was a snap. Really! One of the easiest recipes I've made. And oh so good!

My work friends did enjoy these. One said that these are good because they aren't hard and tough. I guess that's a common problem. But not with a BEB recipe :)

These are like rice krispy bars but with peanut butter. And BEB suggests a chunky peanut butter for added texture in the bars. A delightful idea. And the chocolate topping with butterscotch and chocolate melted together? Yum! (I didn't really think I like butterscotch. Turns out I kinda do. Occasionally.)

Click here for the stolen recipe for Scotcheroos.


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