Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Malted Milk Ice Cream

I guess this ice cream is so good it's inspired a song! Here's a youtube video I found when I did a simple search for the recipe online:

I've wanted to make this ice cream for a long but every time I buy the carton of Whoppers they slowly disappear (Jim!) This time I made the ice cream soon after buying the Whoppers and there were even some leftover to satisfy Jim's urge to snack :)

The ice cream itself tastes like a vanilla malt! It's super creamy and is still soft after a night in the freezer. The malted milk balls add a great crunch!

Jim has given this ice cream TWO thumbs up! He has even promised to help eat it all. Whenever I make ice cream he might taste it but he never takes more than a bowl. I think maybe, just maybe, he'll enjoy at least two bowls??

And I'm hoping my friend Emily will share a bowl with me tomorrow when she comes over for lunch :)

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