Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pesto Fraise Basilic (Strawberry Basil Pesto)

I didn't even know this kind of pesto existed until I was looking for a pesto recipe on the same website that wrote about the herb freezing technique. I typed in "pesto" in the search and many different kinds came up. I figured I'd try a traditional recipe, but maybe half it because I only had a handful of basil from my basil plants. And then I saw strawberry basil pesto. I wouldn't have imagined that combo.

So I made it because I had a lot of strawberries that were almost over ripe, and I knew my son wouldn't eat them. I had all of the ingredients so I decided to be wild and crazy.

I wish this had been crazy good but it was just good. It tastes like a sweet pesto. It looked pink at first but now its a dull gray green.

Click here for the recipe for Strawberry Basil Pesto.

I tried a bit of it in some pasta with chicken and cherry tomatoes. It was a light sauce, not overpowering.

I think I like regular pesto. I am intrigued by sun dried tomato pesto though... I saw that recipe on that blog. Maybe soon.

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