Saturday, May 22, 2010

Double Chocolate Cupcakes

The second cupcake are these delicious Double Chocolate Cupcakes. The original recipe called them Triple Chocolate Cupcakes but I left out the chocolate ganache filling, just to make it easier for myself. I don't know if the Double chocolate part is that it's a devil's food cupcake with chocolate cream cheese frosting or the fact that I had to use two different chocolates in this recipe- Dutch cocoa (Penzey's) and lots and lots of bittersweet chocolate. You just can't go wrong with all that chocolate. I think this is one of the best chocolate frostings EVER!

Sprinkles make everything festive!

I love my new cupcake carrier! I am now the proud owner of TWO of them, so I'm able to transport SIX dozen cupcakes very nicely now. Wow, I could go into business :)

There is a dome top with a handle, I didn't have it attached in this picture.

Click here for the stolen recipe for Triple Chocolate Cupcakes (though I only made the Double)!

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