Monday, January 13, 2014

Rigatoni Pasta Pie

The finished pie.


No, it's not really a pie.

Yes, it was a bit of work arranging all these rigatoni noodles upright like this. Slippery little suckers.



And then the meat sauce got pushed down through all the holes, the best that I could.



That plain bit of real estate is for James. I knew he'd like his piece with no cheese. Semi-picky seven year old, but that was an easy fix so I didn't mind.



I wasn't patient enough to let the "pie" set up for 10 minutes. We dug right in. (P.S. It sliced up very nicely the next day!)


The verdict- very kid friendly, nice idea for presentation, but the meat sauce was nothing to write home about. I could use a jarred pasta sauce and save a bit of work. And yeah, I could save a bit of work and just make a lasagna or regular spaghetti if I just want pasta, sauce, and cheese. I just like to try new things!

Click here for the stolen recipe for Rigatoni Pasta Pie.


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