Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oven Fried Chicken

Update 1/2/14

This chicken has become popular in my household once again. This time it is young James that loves it. He is CRAZY about this chicken. He calls it "Crispy Chicken".

I have made a few changes to this recipe. I use panko crumbs instead of whole wheat sometimes, and other times I use a mixture of both. So I guess it is not completely South Beach with that change but it is still healthy and delicious. Oh, and sometimes I use dried parsley instead of the fresh. Slight change that makes it even easier to premix.

I still try and have this mixture prepped in the freezer for easy weekday meals. If I have chicken defrosted, I cut it up, dip it in olive oil, roll in the crumbs and then bake for 20 minutes! Easy enough.

So like I said, James loves this. He loves it so much that he wants "all kids to have this chicken". We had a whole conversation about it before I asked him to repeat everything for a video. So now we're hoping to go viral :)

The recipe link is below, as usual. It still works. I tested it. But like I said, we use panko crumbs mostly for the extra crunch.

Here is James' video. Please share so it goes viral! Haha!





2/2010---Oven-fried chicken for dinner. We've enjoyed this chicken for a few years now, since discovering them in our South Beach Diet cookbook. It is an easy meal to prepare if you have the ingredients prepped- I usually have whole wheat breadcrumbs and ground almonds in the freezer, just for this! Also, I've made the breading ahead of time and had that in the freezer too. It is then so easy to dip each piece of chicken in olive oil and some frozen breading, and bake.

It's just so good! The thyme, garlic, and almonds I think really make this great.

Click here for the stolen recipe. I originally found this recipe in my SBD cookbook but it is also online.


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