Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick Chicken Parmesan


I have a new subscription to Eating Well magazine. I've been drawn to the magazine every time I've seen it at Borders or grocery stores. I finally decided to buy it when I also bought a gift subscription for my friend's wedding shower. I've received a few issues now but this is the first recipe I've made from the magazine.

I do agree that this is a quick version of Chicken Parmesan but all together the recipe probably took a leisurely half an hour. If I had been ultra-efficient I suppose I could have whipped this up in 20 minutes. You know, there is a skill in that. There is a skill in multi-tasking in the kitchen. See, while the pasta water came to a boil I should have been chopping and prepping the ingredients. I think I waited until the big pot of water was at a boil before I started assembling everything else.

So this was quite good. Jim really liked the crunch of the panko crumbs (tossed in olive oil). I appreciated the tomato sauce because I used my first carton of chopped tomatoes. A carton, not a can. "They" say that cartons or jars of tomatoes are better for you because you aren't using cans that are lined in BPA. Ugh, so much to worry about!

This recipe tastes exactly the way you think. A light tomato sauce with onions and garlic, sauteed chicken, melted cheese, and toasted breadcrumbs. (The entire pan is broiled for a minute or two to toast the breadcrumb mix. Yum.)



Click here for the stolen recipe for Quick Chicken Parmesan.


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