Thursday, January 1, 2015

Soft Pretzel Nuggets with Spicy Cheese Dipping Sauce

App. App. Friends coming over for NYE. I was on the hunt for a challenge. I decided to try making pretzels since I had time on my hands and they looked surprisingly easy.

I think they turned out swell!


The yeasted dough needed to rise for about an hour.


Some quick sections, rolling, slicing and then they were ready for a quick baking soda/water bath.



They really didn't look too appetizing as they went into the oven...


But I was so glad to see them golden and pretty!


The pretzels right out of the oven were the best but I knew they'd still be delicious for later in the day. They were! They were chewy and flavorful. Our guests were happy too.

A cheese dip was included in BEB's blog entry so of course I made that. It was spicy, smoky, and delicious.



We just feasted on the leftovers during the Gophers football game. Yay for a good snack! (P.S. I didn't really watch football...)


Click here for the stolen recipe for Soft Pretzel Nuggets with Spicy Cheese Dipping Sauce.



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