Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Triple Berry Jam and TB Cheesecake Bars

I am new to canning. I made freezer jam last summer with fresh berries but I didn't think I could complete the canning proccess on my glass top stove. I went to a canning demonstration with my friend Ann at Williams Sonoma and I asked about what I would need to change for my appliance. The canning "expert" was of the opinion that if I can keep a pot of water at a constant boil there is no reason why I can't can! So I accepted the challenge and hope that I won't kill anyone with my canning :)

I couldn't buy one of the cheap canning pots at Walmart (Granite Ware) because they are a thin porcelain that could melt on my glass top. Doh! So I looked online for suggestions.. I found one lady who cans using her ordinary stockpot and pasta insert!

I gave it a try. I followed all of the regular directions otherwise- boiling the jars and metal lids, cooking the fruit mixture, and boiling the filled jars for 10-12 minutes to complete the process. I used the recipe inside the pectin box.


I did make two minor mistakes. I forgot to stir the jam once the mixture was in the jar AND I forgot to wipe the rims of the jars after they were filled. I don't think either had any effect on my end product. I made low-sugar strawberry jam a few days later and didn't forget these two things. The jam still looked separated so I don't think it's really a big deal. You just stir when you first open the jam! Same recipe source.


The canning process? Easy enough. I heard the distinctive POPS! as the jars sealed. I didn't hear all eight pops, but I was a bit busy washing the ton of dishes afterwards so maybe I missed some of them.

And it tastes delicious! I had some jam that didn't fit in my prepared eight half pint jars so I waited for it to set a bit and then spread it on some toast. Delicious! I used a low sugar pectin, which required only 4 cups of sugar for this batch. Four cups sounds like a lot but not when compared with the regular jam recipes. My jam is still REALLY sweet.

I think I had three pieces of toast this day. Shhhhhh!

A few days later I had an urge to bake something. I googled recipes that use jam and found this recipe from a blog that I'm very familiar with. (I think that's key in finding great recipes. I don't just trust any one anymore- too many lost ingredients and energy spent with loser recipes!)

The best part? Low fat recipe! Low guilt :) This only made a small pan of cheesecake bars. Plenty for Jim and I to nibble on it for a few days!


The cheesecake bars again..


I loved that this recipe used Greek yogurt. I appreciate the graham cracker crust but I think it could use a bit more! I also think the cheesecake part could use a tiny bit more sugar (the blogger noted this too) but my husband said it was just fine. I guess as long as you get jam in each bite you don't really notice!

A very good recipe. A keeper!

Click here for the stolen recipe for Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Bars. (It doesn't matter which kind of jam you use!)

So of course my son is refusing to try the jam. I kind of figured he wouldn't like the Triple Berry (seeds) so I made the plain strawberry, which looks like the stuff we buy from the grocery store. He wouldn't have any on HIS sandwich today. I don't feel too offended because he's just that way sometimes- sometimes he just likes the peanut butter, no jam. I'll be ready when he wants jam in his sandwich again!

My PB&J with strawberry jam!


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