Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Raspberry Cream Sandwich Cookies

I made cookies for the people at work to celebrate Guidance Counselor appreciation week. Vanilla bean cookies with raspberry cream. They were delicious. I had several requests for the recipe (that I gladly shared, of course) and I had reports that others had the same great success with these cookies. They were definitely one of my favorite cookies ever. I need to bake them again.

I found the recipe in my Martha Stewart Cookies book, but here is the recipe online on good ol' Martha's website.

Click here for the stolen recipe.

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Anonymous said...

My FAVORITE!! I've made these two times, since you let me have one in February! I seriously LOVE these, and will make them again this spring. I was thinking of drizzling a lemon glaze on top of them next time. I love the combination of raspberry and lemon! Thank you for sharing this yummy recipe! It was really an easy one too. A.L.